“Hello, I hope this note finds you well! I am sure loving seeing the snow gone and the sun shining! I always look forward to spring as I know this means new things in our future, warmer weather, beautiful flowers and produce in my garden. This year I have even more to look forward to as I hope for improvements with COVID-19. I look forward to the day when I can visit Azria Montclair again and see all of your smiling faces. As of now I am really focused on the silver lining that this pandemic has brought into my life. I have 2 8 yr olds, a 13yr old and 16yr old- ALL GIRLS! I am enjoying the extra time at home with them. We are doing lots of baking and trying new recipes and my husband is enjoying the eating. I love teaching my girls to cook just as my grandmother taught me when I was growing up. We are pulling out lots of old family recipes that I remember making as a child. My mom has always been a terrible cook and has always said I got my love of cooking and baking from my grandma 🙂 I’m hoping to pass some of those skills and joy on to at least a couple of my daughters. I hope you are enjoying seeing the sunshine as much as I am! Soon we will be able to look out our windows and have some beautiful flowers to watch bloom as well! I hope they put a smile on your face as much as they do mine. Always remember WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER even from afar and what a wonderful reunion it will be when we can all be together again! HUGS”