“Hi Mom/Grandma,
This is your son, Michael, and daughter-in-law, Angie, and 3 grandkids, Rylan, Raegan and Kennedy.
We miss seeing you lately, but have been keeping busy. Since there is no school, Angie has been busy home-schooling the kids. Thankful the weather has been so nicely, and we have been going on a lot of walks with Sadie, some Jeep rides and a few motorcycle rides. Easter was good and we got a lot of candy. We’ve been attending mass each Sunday via Live Stream, which is on the computer. Things are sure different lately, but hope this pandemic ends soon so we can come visit you. We will sit out in the courtyard and bring Sadie with us.
We hope you are staying busy and healthy as well, and still singing in the hallways.
We miss you so much and love you more. You are our sunshine!!
Attached is a picture of us that a neighbor lady took from 6 feet away. 🙂 “