As soon as someone walks through the doors of Azria Health, whether as a caregiver or a resident, they become like family. When we all learned that a child of one of our caregivers was recently diagnosed with cancer, we just had to help out. Nakia is the Assistant Director of Nursing at Azria Health Montclair. Her nine year old daughter, Jade, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and will be undergoing regular chemotherapy as well as a surgery over the next nine months.

Upon hearing this difficult news, the team at Azria Health Montclair came together and raised over four hundred dollars as a donation to Nakia and her family. They also put together a gift basket for Jade, filling it with presents including stuffed animals, snacks, gift cards, jewelry and other items for her to enjoy.

Azria Health Montclair is not only a place to work, but we are family” said Hayley Locke, Administrator at Azria Health Montclair. “It hit us all hard when we found out that Nakia’s daughter, Jade, was diagnosed with cancer. It was amazing to see the entire team come together in prayer, donations, and well wishes for Jade. We are hopeful that Jade will beat this and we will continue sending our positive thoughts her way through this journey.”

After the Azria Health regional team heard about what Jade was going through, they decided to help out as well and purchased a Nintendo Switch for Jade to play with while she’s in the hospital. “We were heartbroken to learn of Jade’s cancer diagnosis. We knew she would have to endure extended trips to the hospital, so we wanted to give Jade a Nintendo Switch and some fun games to help distract her and pass the time. The team at Azria Health sends our prayers to Jade and will fully support her throughout this difficult journey,” said Carrie Ramaekers, Vice President of Operations at Azria Health.

When asked for an update, Nakia said “I am beyond overwhelmed and grateful for all the love, presents, words, and prayers my family and I have received through this time. Jade has gone through her first round of chemo and her hair has officially fallen out but she has handled it all like a champ. We thank you all for the donations of all kinds over the last several weeks.  It really helps us keep positive through this journey.”

Nakia is an incredibly giving and caring person, she looks after for her residents as if they are her own. Now, the team has an opportunity to pay her in kind and support Nakia and Jade during these trying times. A GoFundMe was set up by Jade’s aunt to help cover Jade’s medical bills, treatments, medications, as well as other expenses. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Please see the link to the GoFundMe below: