May 20, 2020 – Caring at Azria Health extends beyond our own walls, even after our residents go back home. “When you enter the doors of Azria Health as a resident, whether your stay is long or short, you are considered family” says Lauren Ackerman, Director of Life Enrichment at Azria Health Montclair. To ensure that our residents who graduated back home were still faring well during these difficult times, the team at Azria Health began to reach out. “We checked in to see how they were doing and if they had proper support” said Megan Morse, Director of Admissions. She continued, “we wanted to tell them we were thinking about them, and to make sure that they were okay.” Several former residents expressed their appreciation and also discussed the challenge of obtaining food and everyday household items while staying home during the pandemic.

The team at Azria Health decided to help by preparing care packages complete with groceries, household items and basic necessities. In true family style, donations came pouring in for items to include in these packages. From the goodness of their hearts, caregivers at Azria Health donated canned goods, toilet paper, produce and pantry staples to include in the packets. Azria Health provided the rest of the items, and the bags were ready to be delivered! As safety is our top priority, we arranged for no-contact delivery and left the packages outside the recipients’ doors.

Many of our facilities have already adopted this program, including Azria Health Ashland, Azria Health Clarinda, Azria Health Midtown, Azria Health Montclair, Azria Health Olathe, Azria Health Park Place and Azria Health Winterset. “We are incredibly proud of our Azria Health teams for taking it upon themselves to put together these care packages for our former residents” says Carrie Ramaekers, Regional Director of Operations, “This is a true testament of the family-oriented culture our organization has created and prides ourselves upon.”

When asked about the care packages, Hayley Adams, Administrator at Azria Health Montclair stated “all of our residents become family to us, and we know that everyone across the nation is struggling during this pandemic. We just wanted to ensure our family keeps thriving, and let them know we are always here to offer support.”

Many others on the Azria Health team shared the same sentiment. Danielle McDaniel, Regional Director of Business Development, said that during these trying times we know how important it is to “reach out to our residents who have graduated from our rehab programs, and let them know that we still care, and they are still a part of the Azria Health family.” Like a true family, during both the good times and the challenging ones, we are there to support one another.



View pictures of our COVID-19 Care Package Prep and Deliveries below:
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