The risk of introducing COVID-19 (coronavirus) to our caregivers and residents is something Azria Health takes very seriously.  For any healthcare organization such as ours, the best defense against infectious disease is to be proactive and vigilant in complying with infection control protocols. Over the last several weeks, we have reviewed our infection prevention and control policies and procedures, we continue to rely on our Infection Preventionists to lead the facility risk assessment and we are continuously monitoring our facility to ensure a clean, safe living environment.

We are following infection prevention procedures used during flu season, as well as any additional interventions recommended by our local and state health department partners for handwashing protocols, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, covering coughs, and disinfecting the environment.

In order to stay proactive and to minimize the risk of introducing the virus into our facilities, we have made the decision to limit outside visitors to our facilities.  We are asking non-essential visitors, including family members, contractors and volunteers to avoid visiting our facility for the time being.  We have set up virtual visit stations so that loved ones can communicate with residents via video chat.  We have also suspended all planned activity outings, for the time being.

We have reinforced to our staff that anyone who is sick should stay home.

Azria Health remains in close contact with our local and state health departments, as well as the CDC, to stay up to date on information to prevent and manage the spread of COVID-19. We rely on local, state and federal resources to help prevent the spread of this virus and we appreciate the hard work of all those working to prevent, contain and treat this dangerous virus.

Thank you,

Carrie Ramaekers
Regional Director of Operations
Azria Health