MONTCLAIR, NE – Even during these difficult times, the team and residents at Azria Health still know how to have fun and bring laughter. In honor of April Fools, Lauren Ackerman, Director of Life Enrichment at Azria Health Montclair, decided to do something BIG to make everyone smile. She planned a costume dance party! The entire team loved the idea and were ecstatic to bring smiles to the faces of their beloved residents.

When the big day came, everyone put on their wackiest costumes and hit the halls with some upbeat music. There were bears, hot dogs, pirates, cheetahs and many more unique costumes. Caregivers danced their hearts out and the energy was contagious! They danced the halls and made sure they put a smile on every residents’ face. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the building from all the laughter!” beamed Ackerman. When asked about the dance party, Hayley Adams, Administrator at Azria Health Montclair, said that “they wanted to let loose and have fun to hopefully spread some cheer across the facility.” She continued, “it was so much fun to have the staff participate and dress up, and the residents loved it! What better way to spend April Fools than by being silly!”

In fact, the energy was so contagious that Azria Health made it to WOWT 6 News! In their segment they included video clips of the April Fools dance party, spreading the joy even more. During these uncertain times, we believe that a little dose of happiness can go a long way; after all, laughter is the best medicine.


WOWT6 News Segment:

(To see the full WOWT 6 News segment, click here or visit https://www.wowt.com/video?vid=569416852)


You can view more of the Hallway Dance Party below:



Pictures from the Montclair Dance Party:
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