(Hayley Adams, Administrator at Azria Health Montclair)

(Hayley Adams, Administrator at Azria Health Montclair)

At Azria Health, we are so fortunate to have employees who are so dedicated and passionate about their jobs. This month, we are featuring one of our valued employees, Hayley Adams. Hayley started working in assisted living, after completing her masters in Social Work at the University of Omaha. She first joined the Azria Health family as the Social Services Director at Azria Health Montclair, our award winning facility in Omaha, Nebraska. Recently, Azria Health Montclair was awarded the Best Programming Award for National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), formerly known as National Nursing Home Week (NNHW), at the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHA/NCAL) Convention.

From the start of her career, Hayley knew that she wanted to continuously grow and evolve, and not stay stagnant at any point in her career journey. “I feel that Azria Health has supported me as an individual” says Hayley, “it was my goal to grow, and Azria Health embraced that and gave me the tools and resources I needed to reach those goals. I really appreciate that they have supported my growth professionally, and individually.”

After some time at Azria Health Montclair, Hayley pursued her Administrators License. She then joined Azria Health Gretna, to work as their Administrator. Although she enjoyed working at Azria Health Gretna, Hayley was promoted to Administrator at Azria Health Montclair, a larger facility. Hayley truly loves her job, and treats the residents as if they were her own family. When asked about her favorite part about working at Azria Health Montclair, without hesitation she stated “my favorite thing is the residents. I love getting to know them, and hearing their stories, so many of them have such amazing stories.”

Throughout her five years at Azria Health Montclair, Hayley has formed close bonds with many of the people she has encountered. Hayley attributes this to the “sense of staff community” that there is at Azria Health. She states that her team is very supportive, and everyone from the bottom up is dedicated to their job, and really cares about each other and the residents. When asked about their experience working with Hayley, her coworkers at Azria Health Montclair speak highly of her. “Working with Hayley has been a breath of fresh air” says Lauren Ackerman, the Director of Life Enrichment at Azria Health Montclair. “She is so dedicated to the residents, staff and this building. I am looking forward to the great changes she will continue to make to ensureAzria Health Montclair is the best place to live and work!”

The Regional Director of Operations at Azria Health, Carrie Ramaekers, stated “we are incredibly excited about having Hayley as the Administrator at Azria Health Montclair. Hayley brings a high level of energy and commitment to the facility. Hayley is extremely dedicated to ensuring both staff and residents have a fun, positive experience at Azria Health Montclair.” With Hayley’s guidance as our Administrator at Azria Health Montclair, we look forward to continuing to provide quality and innovative care to our residents!