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March 23, 2023

Azria Health Winterset gets stellar review in an article on Winterset Madisonian. You can view the article here:

Wonderful health care facilities available:

Following my recent trip (pun intended) through the local medical community, I thought it would be proper to write a quick letter of sincere thanks to some unsung folks in our community.

First, I have absolutely nothing but the finest praise for our local ambulance and first responders for their services. When a big old guy like me finds himself sitting on the ground with what was to be determined a broken ankle, they were able to get me to Madison County Memorial Hospital where I was seen in a timely manner and treated with respect and care. Another fall took me back again where again I was quickly diagnosed and treated. Then, Dr. Formanak was able to provide surgery here and I was able to stay local. The Madison County Memorial Hospital team was awesome and treated me like royalty as I started my road to recovery. Great staff on the floor who were attentive to my needs.

On we go to Azria Healthcare. Despite the fact that they were quickly filling up with patients transferred from the closing facilities, they did a great job taking care of a gruff old guy. I was especially impressed with the care provided by the young adults who work there. We got along quite well, once they figured out I was kind of a “teaser.” These young people showed real compassion and care for their patients. It was reassuring to be treated by such young people; my faith in the future of health care was strengthened. Azria has a great bunch of caregivers and support staff and my stay went relatively quickly.

Bottom line, Winterset and the surrounding community, is, in my opinion, lucky to have two wonderful health care facilities in Madison County Memorial Hospital and Azria Health Care. If you can stay in town for your medical care, I highly recommend it!

—Robert (Bob) Tuttle, Winterset